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Founder’s Note

Founder’s Note

This team was a pure accidental gem-in-the-making. The fund raising affair took seed when I chanced upon a picture of a pair of young sisters. They were dirty, naked and barefooted, walking down on one of the many dismal lanes of Cambodia. It was a picture of hunger and innocence all meshed in one heartbreaking frame. I could not sleep. That image held me hostage. Spurred by vexation, I decided something had to be done.

The opportunity came when a kind friend found a corporate sponsor to print my calendars. With that, I started raising funds for the rebuilt of a school in Cambodia. It started a spark in me. Another dear friend suggested that I should shoot with his Harley Davidson club for my 2016 calendar. That further fuelled the fire in me. I decided that with more support, I should do more. It became clear. I needed a team. The dream grew.

It’s magical how a goal can grow wings when you set it in motion with focus and passion. People stepped forward. To my amazement, the FOC team started to have its own energy. It was beautiful synergy. Soon, I was fed by this energy daily to do more and to accomplish more for the children.

I have great expectations for this passionate team and I am full of confidence that the goals we have set in motion will be accomplished with dexterity and pride. Join us to help make basic education reality for our children, the next generation.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Joy Leng