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Joy Leng


I am Joy, a hyperactive Singaporean model, dancer, makeup artist. Being a curious body, business and psychology were my natural choice of studies. It also made me pursue a Life Coach Cert in 2007, a Certificate in Practical Counseling in 2009 and subsequently a Dance Movement Therapy Cert in the same year. My love for dancing led me to AG Home as a volunteer dance coach many full moons ago. I have also previously organized a small holistic event to raise funds for Singapore Handicap Welfare Association. Today, I’m a volunteer helpliner in Aware since 2012 with a desire to guide callers to hope and equality. My proudest achievement to date is running SensUal Joy Lifestyle Studio for 7 years. It was my main instrument to empower ladies to greater self-confidence through dance and movement therapy.

I am fun, quirky, oh, and impossible. I find great pleasure in contemplating ways to raise money for children I may never get to meet. I supposed everyone should have a school to go to where they can put pins on teachers’ chairs for giggles. My team is my badge of pride because they are oh so kind and passionate.

Together with the kind and passionate, and your support, I am blinded by the glare of promise that lies ahead for the children.

So, let’s go kick some ass!

Email  : joyleng@gmail.com

Iva Jones


My Name is Iva. I’m a partner in Arte Aura, model and performing artist. I had volunteered previously for Tabitha House building programme in Cambodia. It was a deeply meaningful experience, incredibly satisfying to be able to help others. I believe that the happiest people are not those who are getting more, but those giving more.

During my travels, I have seen too many living in poverty, without the basic necessities that we take for granted. These experiences have greatly affected my perspective of life. Can you imagine studying in a dysfunctional classroom without proper roofing, water or a basic toilet? Or worse, the inability to receive any education at all. And yet, this is the harsh reality for countless communities in many parts of the world attributed to the absence of basic infrastructure and facilities. When Joy approached and inspired me with her determination and compassion to join her to help build a school for the Cambodian children, I had to say yes. I want to do what I can, to use my time, money or talent to make our planet a better happier home.

As Aesop said, “No act of Kindness no matter how small is wasted.”

Tay Pang Shiang


I joined the FOC team because the passion and vigor that Joy displayed for her cause was too compelling to refuse. As a student, I have given my time and effort to help those who are not as lucky as we are. I have a dream that one day children who have benefited from FOC’s efforts would be shaped into insightful people, and that they come to realize that this world is shaped by those who have come and gone, and that they must improve it for their children. You can usually find me proving mathematical theorems on the MRT. I love Physics, and would explain Einstein’s relativity to you all week if you would listen.



Kate Lim


I am a talented performer and I have a great interest in impactful humanitarian works. As a model, I have worked with other models in producing charity calendars and photoshoots. My greatest highlight was when I was one of the infamous individuals who laid sunbathing in a bathtub in the middle of Raffles Green in the name of cancer research, alongside celebrities like Celeste Chong, Steve Lai and Neil Humphreys.

Being one of the founders of the multidisciplinary performance company Arte Aura, I am grateful to our forefathers for making this land infrastructure-rich and its people highly educated. In the same way, I would like to pay it forward to help to create the educational infrastructure of Cambodia. I have been there many times and saw firsthand how a bit of education can make a huge difference in a person’s life.